Plans & Policies

CMS Student Learning Expectations

Academic Expectations

Cooperative Middle School students will demonstrate:

  1. the skills needed to read, write, speak, view and listen effectively;
  2. competence in mathematical reasoning and computational skills
  3. an understanding of the physical, biological, and geographical world
  4. an understanding of the history, culture, and arts of America and the world
  5. knowledge of computers and other forms of technology
  6. an understanding about career choices and skills needed to attain them

Social and Emotional Expectations

Cooperative Middle School students will:

  1. respect all members of the school community
  2. interact responsibly in a diverse society
  3. develop a commitment to their own education, as demonstrated through punctuality, preparedness and participation
  4. develop the ability to advocate for him or herself as appropriate
  5. develop an awareness of the appropriateness of their behavior, health, and hygiene
  6. develop a sense of moral and ethical behavior as each pertains to responsible citizenship
  7. gain an understanding of group dynamics, including cooperation and leadership
  8. develop an awareness of how their behavior affects the well-being of their peers