Stratham School District Policy Manual

Board Policies are made available in .pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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AA School District Legal Status
AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity
ACD Special Observance Days
ACD-R 2018-2020 Special Observance Days
ACE Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability
ADC Tobacco Products Ban
AFA Evaluation of Board Operational Procedures


BA Annual Goals and Objectives
BAAA School Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
BBA School Board Powers and Duties
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBAB Roles and Duties of the Board Chairperson
BBBC Board Member or District Officer Resignation
BCA School Board Member Ethics
BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCBB Nepotism
BDA Board Organizational Meeting
BDB Board Officers
BDB-R Board Officers - Clerk and Treasurer
BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship
BDDD Quorum Policy
BDDE Electronic Communications
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board
BEA Board Meetings
BEA-R SAU 16 Joint School Board Quorum
BEAB School Board Member Use of Electronic Communication Devices During School Board Meetings
BEC Non-Public Sessions
BEDB Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEDC Quorum
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BG Board Policy Development
BGA Policy Development System
BGC Policy Review and Evaluation
BGE Policy Dissemination
BGF Suspension of Policies
BHE School Board Use of Email
BIA New Board Member Orientation
BIE Board Member Indemnification




CH Policy Implementation
CHCA Approval of Handbooks
CM School District Annual Report




DB Annual Budget
DBB Fiscal Year
DFA Investments
DFD Gate Receipts and Admissions
DFF Material Sales and Disposal
DG Depository of Funds
DGA Authorized Signatures
DH Bonded Employees
DI  Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIA Fund Balances
DIH Fraud Prevention and Fiscal Management
DJ Purchasing
DJC Petty Cash Accounts
DJE Bidding Requirements
DJF Local Purchasing
DJG Vendor Relations
DKC Supply Reimbursement
DM Cash in School Buildings




EB Safety and Emergency Management
EBBB Accident Reports
EBBC First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCD Emergency Closings
ECAB Program Accessibility and Public Events and Functions
EDC Authorized Use of School Owned Materials
EEA Student Transportation Services
EEAA Video and Audio Surveillance on School Property
EEAAA Audio and Video Recording in a Classroom
EEAE School Bus Safety Program
EEAJ Video and Audio Recording on School Buses
EEBB Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
EFC Free and Reduced Price Meals
EGA Responsible Computer, Network, and Internet Use
EGAB Wireless Internet Access for Non-District Owned Devices
EGAD Copyright Compliance
EGAG Internet File Log Retention
EH Data Management
EHAA Computer Security, E-Mail, and Internet Communications
EHB Records Retention
EHB-R Records Retention Schedule
EI Insurance Review



GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Sexual Harassment - Staff
GBAA-R Bullying, Harassment, and Retaliation Report Form
GBB Employee Involvement in Decision-Making
GBCD Criminal Records Check
GBD Board Employee Communications
GBGD Workers' Compensation Temporary Alternative Work Program
GBGD-R Temporary Alternative Duty Program Acknowledgement Form
GBEA Staff Ethics and Employee Conflict of Interest
GBEB Staff Conduct
GBEBB Employee-Student Relations
GBEC Drug Free Workplace
GBG Staff Protection
GBGA Staff Health
GBGBA Use of Automated External Defibrillators
GBJ Personnel Records
GBJ-R Personnel Records
GCB Professional Staff Contracts
GCCBC Family and Medical Leave
GCCBC-R Family and Medical Leave Forms
GCQC Resignation of Instructional Staff Member
GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff Member
GCRD Tutoring For Pay
GCSA Employee Computer and Internet Use
GCSA-R Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules



IC School Year
ICA School Calendar
IGA Curriculum Development
IGD Curriculum Adoption
IGE Parental Objections to Specific Course Material
IHAE Physical Education
IHAK Character and Citizenship Education
IHBA Programs for Pupils with Disabilities
IHBA-R Procedural Safeguards for Students with Disabilities
IHBAA Evaluation Requirements for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities
IHBAA-R Specific Learning Disability Checklist
IHBAB Special Education Evaluations
IHBF Homebound Instruction
IHBG Home Education
IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities
IJ Instructional Materials
IJNDB Technology Integration
IJO School, Community, and Home Relations
IJOA Educational Field Trips
IJOC Volunteers
IKA Grading System
IKB Homework
IKE Promotion & Retention of Students
IKF Graduation Requirements
IKFA Early Graduation
IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs
ILD Non-Educational Surveys and Questionnaires
IMD School Ceremonies and Observations
IMDA Pledge of Allegiance
IMG Animals in School
IMGA Service Animals




JBAB Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students
JCA Change of School Assignment
JEB Age of Entrance
JEC Manifest Educational Hardship
JFAA Admission of Resident Students
JFAB Admission/Attendance of Non-resident Students
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JFABD-R Technical Assistance Advisory Residence
JFAC Change of School or Assignment
JH Student Absences and Excuses
JH-R Student Absences and Excuses-Rules
JHB Truancy
JHB-R Truancy
JHC Student Release Precautions
JICBB Pupil Safety and Violence Protection
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses
JICD Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process
JICD-R Memorandum of Understanding
JICE Student Publications
JICFA Hazing
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICI Dangerous Weapons on School Property
JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention
JICK-R Bullying and Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
JKA Corporal Punishment
JKAA Use of Restraints and Seclusion
JKB Detention of Students
JLC Student Health Services
JLCA Physical Examination of Students
JLCB Immunizations of Students
JLCB-R Immunization Requirements
JLCC Communicable Diseases
JLCCB Student Allergies
JLCD Administering Medicine to Students
JLCD-R Medication During the School Day
JLCF Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity
JLCH Do Not Resuscitate Orders
JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries
JLF Reporting Child Abuse
JLIA Supervision of Students
JQ Care of School Property by Students
JRA Student Records and Access



KCB Community Involvement in Decision Making
KCM Food Services
KDC Website Publishing Policy
KDC-R Website Publishing Policy
KEB Public Complaints About School Personnel
KEC Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
KEC-R1 Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources
KEC-R2 Report on the Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Resources
KED Public Complaints About Facilities or Services
KF Use of School Facilities
KH Solicitations in Schools
KHB Advertising in the Schools
KI Visitors to the Schools



LC Educational Research