Exeter Region Coop. School District Policy Manual

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AA - School District Legal Status

AC - Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity

ACD - Special Observance Days

ACD-R - 2019-2021 Special Observance Days

ACE - Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability

ADC - Tobacco Products Ban

AFA - Evaluation of Board Operational Procedures


BA - Annual Goals and Objectives

BAAA - School Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

BBA - School Board Powers and Duties

BBAA - Board Member Responsibilities

BBAB - Roles and Duties of the Board Chairperson

BBBC - Board Member Or District Officer Resignation

BCA - Expectations of Conduct for School Board Members

BCB - Board Member Conflict Of Interest

BDA - Board Organizational Meeting

BDB - Board Officers

BDB-R - Board Officers - Clerk and Treasurer

BDD - Board-Superintendent Relationship

BDF - Advisory Committees to the Board

BEA - Board Meetings

BEA-R - SAU 16 Joint School Board Quorum

BEAB - School Board Member Use of Electronic Communication Devices During School Board Meetings

BEC - Non-Public Sessions

BEDB - Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

BEDC - Quorum

BEDG - Minutes

BEDH - Public Input at Board Meeting

BFE - Administration in Policy Absence

BG - Board Policy Development

BGA - Policy Development System

BGC - Policy Review and Evaluation

BGE - Policy Dissemination

BGF - Suspension of Policies

BHE - School Board Use of Email

BIA - New Board Member Orientation

BIE - Board Member Indemnification


CBI - Superintendent Evaluation and Goal Setting

CHCA - Approval of Handbooks

CM - School District Annual Report


DBB - Fiscal Year

DFA - Investments

DFD - Gate Receipts and Admissions

DFF - Material Sales and Disposal

DG - Depository of Funds

DGA - Authorized Signatures

DH - Bonded Employees

DI - Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

DIA - Fund Balances

DID - Fixed/Capital Assets

DIH - Fraud Prevention and Fiscal Management

DJ - Purchasing

DJC - Petty Cash Accounts

DJE - Bidding Requirements

DJF - Local Purchasing

DJG - Vendor Relations

DM - Cash in School Buildings

DKA - Payroll Procedures

DKC - Expense Reimbursements


EB - Safety and Emergency Management

EBBB - Accident Reports

EBBC - First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

EBCA - Crisis Prevention And Emergency Response Plans

EBCB - Fire Drills

EBCD - Emergency Closings

ECAB - Program Accessibility and Public Events and Functions

EDC -Authorized Use of School Owned Materials

EEA - Student Transportation Services

EEAA - Video and Audio Surveillance on School Property

EEAAA - Audio and Video Recording in a Classroom

EEAE - Bus Safety Program

EEAJ - Video and Audio Recording on School Buses

EEBB - Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students

EFAA - School Meal Program Charges

EFC - Free and Reduced Price Meals

EGA - Responsible Computer, Network and Internet Use

EGAB - Wireless Internet Access for Non-District Owned Devices

EGAD - Copyright Compliance

EH - Data Management

EHAA - Computer Security, E-mail, and Internet Communications

EHB - Records Retention

EHB-R - Records Retention Schedule

EI - Insurance Review


GBA - Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA - Sexual Harassment - Staff

GBAA-R - Bullying, Harassment, and Retaliation Report Form

GBB - Employee Involvement in Decision-Making

GBCD - Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check

GBCD-R - School Employee Background Investigation, Including a Criminal History Records Check

GBD - Board-Employee Communications

GBEA - Staff Ethics and Employee Conflict of Interest

GBEB - Staff Conduct

GBEBB - Employee-Student Relations

GBEC - Drug Free Workplace

GBG - Staff Protection

GBGA - Staff Health

GBGBA - Use of Automated External Defibrillators

GBGD - Workers' Compensation Temporary Alternative Work Program

GBGD-R - Temporary Alternative Duty Program Acknowledgement Form

GBJ - Personnel Records

GBJ-R - Personnel Records

GCB - Professional Staff Contracts

GCCBC - Family and Medical Leave

GCCBC-R - Family and Medical Leave Forms

GCH - Professional Staff Orientation

GCQC - Resignation of Instructional Staff Member

GCQE - Retirement of Professional Staff Member

GCSA - Employee Computer and Internet Use

GCSA-R - Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules

GLC - Staff Health Services


IC - School Year

ICA - School Calendar

IFA - Instructional Needs of Each Individual Student

IGA - Curriculum Development

IGD - Curriculum Adoption

IGE - Parental Objections to Specific Course Material

IHAE - Physical Education

IHAK - Character and Citizenship Education

IHBA - Programs for Students with Disabilities

IHBAA - Evaluation Requirements for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

IHBAA-R - Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Checklist

IHBAB - Special Education Evaluations

IHBA-R - Procedural Safeguards for Students with Disabilities

IHBBA - Limited English Proficiency Instruction

IHBF - Homebound Instruction

IHBG - Home Education

IHBH - Extended Learning Opportunities

IHCA - Summer Activities

IJ - Instructional Materials

IJNDB - Technology Integration

IJO - School, Community, and Home Relations

IJOA - Educational Field Trips

IJOC - Volunteers

IKA - Grading System

IKB - Homework

IKE - Promotion and Retention of Students

IKF - Graduation Requirements

IKFA - Early Graduation

IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

ILBAA - EHS Demonstration of Mastery of Required Competencies

ILD - Non-Educational Surveys and Questionnaires

IMD - School Ceremonies and Observations

IMDA - Pledge of Allegiance

IMG - Animals in School


JBAA - Sexual Harassment - Students

JBAB - Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students

JEB - Age of Entrance

JEC - Manifest Educational Hardship

JFAA - Admission of Resident Students

JFAB - Admission/Attendance of Non-resident Students

JFABB - Foreign Exchange Students

JFABB-R - Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

JFABD - Admission of Homeless Students

JFABD-R - Technical Assistance Advisory Residency: Homeless

JFAC - Change of School or Assignment

JH - Attendance, Tardiness and Truancy (K-8)

JH - EHS Attendance Regulations and Procedure

JHC - Student Release Precautions

JH-R - Grades K-8 Student Absences and Excuses - Rules

JH-R - Exeter High School Attendance Appeal Procedure

JICD - Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process

JICD-R - Memorandum of Understanding

JICDD - Student Discipline Out-of-School Actions

JICE - Student Publications

JICFA - Hazing

JICH - Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

JICI - Dangerous Weapons on School Property

JICK - Student Safety and Violence Prevention - Bullying

JIH - Student Searches and Their Property

JIH-R - Search of Students

JJF - Student Activities Fund Management

JKA - Corporal Punishment

JKAA - Use of Restraints and Seclusion

JKB - Detention of Students

JKD - Student Suspension

JKE - Long-Term Suspension or Student Expulsion

JLC - Student Health Services

JLCA - Physical Exam of Students

JLCB - Immunizations of Students

JLCB-R - Immunization Requirements

JLCC - Communicable Diseases

JLCCB - Student Allergies

JLCD - Administering Medicine to Students

JLCD-R - Medication During the School Day

JLCF - Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity

JLCH -Do Not Resuscitate Orders

JLCJ - Concussions and Head Injuries

JLD - School Guidance and Counseling Program

JLF - Reporting Child Abuse

JLIA - Supervision of Students

JQ - Care of School Property by Students

JRA - Student Records and Access


KB - Title I Parent Involvement in Education

KCB - Community Involvement in Decision Making

KDC - Website Publishing Policy

KDC-R - Website Publishing Policy

KEB - Public Complaints About School Personnel

KEC - Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials

KEC-R1 - Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources

KEC-R2 - Report on the Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Resources

KED - Public Complaints About Facilities or Services

KF - Use of School Facilities

KH - Solicitations in Schools

KHB - Advertising in the Schools

KI - Visitors to the Schools


LC - Educational Research

LEB - Advanced College Placement/Dual Enrollment