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Superintendent Monthly Update JANUARY .pdf

Superintendent's Report - January 2019

It's here! Kick off the second half of the school year with Dr. Ryan's January 2019 Report.

Supterintendent Report - December 2018.mpg

Superintendent's Report - December 2018

Featuring Special Guest Oliva Mumper (Grade 5 student at EKES)

Stay up to date with SAU 16 with the latest video report from Dr. Ryan, as well as this written report with updates on each school. Run time: 11 min.

Happy Holidays!

Superintendent Report - November_1.mpg

Superintendent's Report - November, 2018

Watch the latest video report from Dr. Ryan and read this brief written report for school highlights, safety updates, and more.

Have a great Thanksgiving from SAU 16!

Superintendent Dr. David Ryan

Superintendent's Report - October, 2018

Watch the first-ever video report from Dr. Ryan on the latest happenings at SAU16!

Updates on each school can be accessed on the written Superintendent's Report as well, and by visiting each SAU 16 website.

Note: Dr. Ryan would like to correct his statement that we have 12,000 employees. We are currently shy of that number, at 1200 employees, but we're always on the lookout to add to our impressive team of dedicated faculty and staff. Click on over to our Employment section for details!

Staff Convocation, Opening Day 2018

Superintendent's Report - September, 2018

We're off to a great start! Watch our Staff Convocation video and read the Welcome Letter to the community to learn about what makes SAU 16 such a great place for our students.