SAU Joint Board

The SAU Joint Board meets multiple times each year, with meetings traditionally in September, December (budget meeting), February (evaluation meeting), and May. It consists of 33 individual members from the 7 school boards:

  • Brentwood School Board – 5 members

  • East Kingston School Board – 3 members

  • Exeter School Board – 5 members

  • Exeter Region Cooperative School Board – 9 members

  • Kensington School Board – 3 members

  • Newfields School Board – 3 members

  • Stratham School Board – 5 members

The Joint Board hires the Superintendent of Schools, and provides oversight to the hiring of SAU Administration and support staff. The Joint Board has budget responsibilities for SAU activities, i.e. technology, staff development, business services, administration, etc.

Members: The SAU Joint Board is comprised of all members of the individual School Boards.