Exeter Region Coop School Board
  • Brentwood:  

Melissa Litchfield, term ends 2022 734-2631 mlitchfield@sau16.org

  • Exeter:  

Bill Gauthier , term ends 2024 - bgauthier@sau16.org

Kimberly Meyer, term ends 2022 580-5538 kmeyer@sau16.org David Slifka, term ends 2023 828-3813 dslifka@sau16.org

  • Kensington:  

Bob Hall, term ends 2022 303-2183 bhall@sau16.org

  • East Kingston:  

Ted Lloyd, term ends 2022 tlloyd@sau16.org

Paul J. Bauer Vice-Chair, term ends 2024 580-2572 pbauer@sau16.org

  • Stratham:  

Travis Thompson, term ends 2023 778-0035 tthompson@sau16.org Helen Joyce, Chair term ends 2024 772-3504 hjoyce@sau16.org Kate Miller, Moderator term ends 2021 418-8660 Susan Bendroth, Clerk Appointed Michael Schwotzer, Treasurer Appointed


Governs Cooperative Middle School, Exeter High School, Seacoast School of Technology and Adult Education.

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, December 7th 6:00 PM:   Coop Board Budget Workshop

Tuesday, December 14th 6:00 PM  (TBD, if necessary to finalize the budget)

Tuesday, December 21st  6:00 PM:  Finance and Facilities Committees

Tuesday, December 21st  7:00 PM:  Exeter Coop Board Meeting