SAU 16 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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SAU 16 educators work together to create learning progressions by content area. A learning progression is a road or pathway that our students travel as they progress toward demonstration of the skills needed for career and college readiness. All of the progressions are supporting the overall SAU 16 Graduation Competencies. The competencies are located on the left and are updated through our SAU 16 competency review cycles to ensure alignment and relevancy. Additionally, these competencies support the overarching SAU 16 Vision for our Graduates: Each graduate demonstrates engaged learning and citizenship through the ability to solve problems independently and collaboratively with perseverance and resilience and communicates solutions with confidence and empathy.

A critical part of curriculum and instruction in SAU 16 is our educators working together as collaborative teams. The teams are organized and purposeful. They are focused on student learning outcomes. These teams look different in every school within our SAU depending on the number of staff at each grade level or department. Examples of what these teams work on are: student-driven assessment, scoring criteria development, and professional learning around content and instructional design.