Payment Options

Exeter Food Service Payment Options

We offer two convenient ways of making payment on your child's food account:

  1. You may write a check or send in cash directly to your child's school to the unit manager at the school. With check payment we ask your child's name and account number be listed on the check.
  2. You may pay online by going to: There is a fee if you choose to make an online payment. You will also need to know your child's account number (student ID number) and birthday to set up the account.

How It Works:

You do not need to make any payments online to use this service!

Each student has an assigned student ID number which is issued by the school (on student ID, PowerSchool, etc.). You will need the ID number, your child's birthday, their school and their grade to enroll online. The service is convenient and secure and you have the option to select the automatic pre-payment option.

Please note, there is a fee to make online payments. Online payments may take up to 24 hours to show on your child's account at the school they attend.

For issues with, please call their customer service department and they will assist you with any problems.

Myschoolbucks Customer Service Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm EST. Phone: 1-855-832-5226

New Features:

  • Expired Credit Card Notification - parents will receive an email notification when their credit card is about to expire.
  • Student Sales History Report - Parents can view student meal purchases.
  • Ability to Set Spending Limits - Parents can set daily or weekly spending limits for their students.
  • Meal Control Settings - Parents can set meal controls for "meals only" or "a la carte" items.
  • Low Balance Notification - Parents will receive an email notification when their balance drops below a point.